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Instant Lawn

instant lawnInstant lawn offers immediate stabilization of an industrial site, avoiding significant loss of soil by wind or water erosion.

Eroded soil fills waterways and drainage adverts, where costly clean outs is required once instant lawn establishment has been achieved. The greatest portion of instant lawns total weight is in the roots, making it a perfect solution for soil erosion.

Lush instant lawn planted areas not only provide aesthetic value to a residential or industrial site but also provides an ideal surface for our children to play on.

How to Lay Instant Lawn

Instant lawn can be planted any time of the year as long as irrigation is available. Instant lawn is typically harvested into blocks and stacked on pallets.

Your instant lawn should be planted within 2 days after delivery.

Planting Instant Lawn

  • Loosen the soil in the designated area to a depth of 50-100 mm
  • Remove all unwanted vegetation as well as stones, rocks etc.
  • Spread some fertilizer or compost over loosened area and work or rake in lightly.
  • Although we prefer compost as a natural organic to be used, super phosphate is usually a good initial root booster.
  • Make sure your area to be planted is level before planting of instant lawn.
  • Lay out lawn sod's tightly together on prepared area.
  • Roll with a light roller to ensure good ground contact.

Watering Your Instant Lawn

Water thoroughly, water daily for the first week, then every second day for the second week, thereafter scale down to twice a week.

When To Mow Your Instant Lawn

Preferably do not mow within the first two weeks after planting, thereafter your lawn can be mowed to a height of 30-50 mm.

Never remove more than one third of the lawn when mowing, once properly settled, your instant lawn can be fertilized again with a good lawn fertilizer or compost every 6-12 weeks during the growing season, to ensure a green healthy lawn.