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irrigation systemsWe will work with our clients to develop a customized irrigation system to meet your watering requirements.

Most of the irrigation can be installed below ground and out of sight and an
automatic controller allows you to set up and forget the irrigation making it stress free. A rain switch can be installed to prevent watering during wet periods. We use commercial products designed for an extended useful life and ease of maintenance.

When to Install an Irrigation System

lrrigation should preferably be done in autumn and winter instead of waiting till spring or summer where it sometimes is impossible to work for periods of time because of ground being to wet as a result of excess rain.

Why Automated Irrigation Systems?

  • It is cost effective
  • Saves water
  • Easy to programme
  • No need to keep a gardener with a hose
  • The ability to be absent
  • Used as frost protection - areas frosted can be washed of before sunrise
  • Convenience
  • Enhancement of your property value

Call Chris on 082 464 7398 to discuss your irrigation requirments.