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Rainwater Harvesting

It has never been easier to harvest water from the roof of a house and connect it to an irrigation system. Gardens love rainwater. Watch them thrive while you save our precious drinking water.

JOJO Slimline tanks in your standard green as well as the popular winter grass colour, other colours available on request designed specifically for rainwater harvesting, this new 750 litre tank blends perfectly into any urban home. Simple to install, great to look at, and no problem with those tight areas where conventional tanks can’t fit.

How much water is in your tank?

The easy way to tell how much water is in you tank. Quick and easy to install on any tank, no matter the shape or size. Can be calibrated to any height up to 2.5m. No tank should be without a tank gauge.     

Clean Rain Downpipe Diverter Advanced

The simplest and most innovative all in one rainwater collection and filtration system available. Quick and easy installation to any rainwater downpipe. First, the self cleaning rain head removes leaves and large debris. Second , a smart sensor diverts the first millimetre of rainfall to ensure the most contaminated water is flushed away. Clean water can be sent to a tank, or directly into your pool or garden with a normal garden hose.

Water Tank Colours